Welcome to my official website

I am delighted to have the opportunity to share with you my love of music, my passion for performing, and my dedication to teaching. It has been my life, since the moment I started to experiment this fascinating instrument which is the piano-the toddler age of 3. Throughout this long journey, there were so many unforgettable moments; words are not sufficient to express what it all means to me.

I want this site to be interactive: being able to share my thoughts on issues facing artists today, getting people to know me as I truly am, and creating a bridge with my audience, colleagues and students. That being said, I invite you to reach and consult me on my Blog on a regular basis.

I also invite you to consult the Audio and Video section, as you will have the opportunity to listen to several of my recordings and see me perform live in Solo Recitals and with Orchestra. New additions will be added to its content on a regular basis.

So please feel at home, enjoy and relax, and I do wish you an exciting exploration of my site.